What To Do After An Accident:

 Report Incident/Injuries

  • Call Police or 911 to Report Injuries
  • Contact Superior/Property Owner
  • Take Notes/Photos, Locate Witnesses

 Don't Sign or Make Statements
  • The other side may attempt to take your statement to use against you or try to make you sign your rights away.

 Visit your Doctor
  • If you've been injured, seek professional medical care immediately.

 Talk to a Lawyer
  • Call or Text (281)755-9475. Attorney and staff available 24/7.

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    Top Five Reasons to Hire
    a Personal Injury Law Firm

    1. Experience
    Personal Injury Law Firms have far more experience
    when it comes to injury claims against insurance
    companies and their lawyers.

    2. Settlement and Trial
    A good Personal Injury lawyer finds different options
    to resolve your case favorably before going to court.
    If you end up in a court room, however, your lawyer
    can make sure that you are represented properly and
    that you receive a favorable jury verdict and award.

    3. No Upfront Fees
    Most Personal Injury Law Firms earn a "contingency
    fee," which means that the law firm gets paid only
    after they win your case!

    4. Fair Play
    Most opposing parties in personal injury cases is an
    insurance and/or trucking company that has a team
    of lawyers working for them. You need a lawyer on
    your side that has experience dealing with companies
    and their lawyers.

    5. More Compensation
    It is well-known that Clients receive larger
    settlements and verdicts with the assistance of an
    experienced Personal Injury Law Firm. Clients may
    receive up to 3.5 times more than without a lawyer.