Slip & fall accidents


Get the compensation you deserve with a slip and fall attorney in Houston, TX

Slip & Fall Accidents are one of the most common causes of bodily injury in public places. Business owners and land owners know and understand this, and most take measures to avoid or minimize these accidents from happening on their premises. However, some owners and/or their employees are negligent and fail to keep their premises safe, which in turn, causes someone to injure themselves. Under these circumstances, Texas law recognizes that the premises owner may be liable for the injury and other losses sustained by the patron as a result of their negligence.

‚ÄčIt is important to note that Texas law addresses Slip & Fall Accidents differently than other types of accidents. In that, in order for a premises owner to be liable, the injured party must prove that the owner knew of the dangerous condition and failed to make it safe or failed to provide adequate warnings. Because the premises owner's insurance company is involved almost immediately after the accident, they will begin securing valuable evidence (statements, surveillance video, internal documents, etc.). This makes it extremely difficult to pursue a premises owner without the help of an attorney. If you or your loved ones have been injured in a Slip & Fall Accident, it is imperative to immediately hire a law firm that knows how to fight for YOUR rights against business owners, premises owners and opposing insurance companies.

Our law firm has vast experience helping clients recover compensation directly from business owners, premises owners and opposing insurance companies for Bodily Injury and other losses resulting from Slip & Fall Accidents. If you would like to discuss your accident to find out if you're entitled to compensation under Texas Law, use our Contact Form or Call/Text (281) 755-9475, for a free consultation.