Work accidents


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The state of Texas is different from other states in the U.S. when it comes to Work Accidents and injured employees. Generally, an employer (or its insurance company) has the responsibility to pay for an injured employee's medical bills and lost wages regardless of who's at fault for the injury/accident. In Texas, an employer has the option to "subscribe" to the Workers' Compensation system or not. If the employer chooses not to be part of the Workers' Compensation system they are referred to as "non-subscribers". In which case, an injured employee is not automatically entitled to have their medical bills paid for or receive other benefits for workplace injuries. This can pose a serious problem for the injured worker, because most health insurance plans do not cover medical bills for work-related injuries.

Under Texas Law, an employee who has been injured in a Work Accident due to the negligence of a third party or their employer's negligence and the employer is a "non-subscriber", then the employee has the right to bring a claim (or lawsuit) against the third party or the employer (as the case may be) for losses resulting from such negligence. In the case of the "non-subscriber" employer, they will not be allowed to raise certain defenses that the employee's own negligence contributed to causing their injury or that the employee assumed the risk that led to their injury. Whether or not the employer is part of the Workers' Compensation system, you can be certain that an investigation will commence immediately following the incident. If you or your loved ones have been injured in a Work Accident, it is imperative to immediately hire a law firm that knows how to fight for YOUR rights against negligent third parties or your negligent "non-subscriber" employer.

Our law firm has vast experience helping clients recover compensation directly from third parties and "non-subscriber" employers for Bodily Injury and other losses resulting from Work Accidents. If you would like to discuss your accident to find out if your employer is a "non-subscriber" and if you're entitled to compensation under Texas Law, use our Contact Form or Call/Text (281) 755-9475, for a free consultation.